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I have installed a new section at the bottom of each individual's page. It can be used to leave comments or questions for public viewing & response (or you can still message me privately using the old comments & suggestions links).

Any comments go to me for approval, and you have to pass the Q&A test first (sorry - there are too just many nutjobs out there posting spam!) 4/12/2015 I seem to have broken the mapping bit so you might not see the google maps with locations marked 7/9/2018 I have broken the whole site. Am migrating to a new server. Some bits might not work properly


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R Brookfield on BROOKFIELD, William Henry at 1:44pm (4th-Aug)
R Brookfield on BROOKFIELD, William Henry at 11:29am (4th-Aug)
R Brookfield on BROOKFIELD, Amy at 2:43pm (3rd-Apr)

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